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At we offer a wide range of stone bathroom vessel sinks in various material types. This guide will help to assist you in selecting the perfect stone material for your home or commercial project. As always we have a professional friendly staff to assist you with any question you may have before placing your order with us, click here if you need to contact us. For tips to care for your stone sink, please see bottom of page for this important information to make sure your stone bathroom sink lasts a lifetime.
Cobble Boulder
This is a very beautiful natural stone that is created by nature’s pristine flowing river waters over the course of time. The result of this process produces an extremely smooth to the touch stone that is reminiscent of natural rivers. The cobble stone sink is crafted by artisans to be functional and highly polished on the inside while taking the utmost care to preserve the natural beauty of the exterior of the sink. As with all stone, it is a highly durable material that will last a lifetime with proper care. Cobble stone sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one unique and pristine.
Granite is a stone rich in quartz and feldspar that give granite its unique signature appearance of diverse minerals, creating an exquisite blend of attributes. Granite has long been used across human history for sculptures and buildings that are still with us today.  Granite is a very strong stone because its minerals have been grown very tightly together creating a dense and durable material perfect for a bathroom stone sink that can easily last a lifetime. Each granite bathroom sink is carefully crafted to preserve the integrity of the stone and provide an outstanding bathroom sink product you’re sure to love.
Marble has been a prized stone used across the ages in sculptures and architecture, infamously used by the classical Greeks and Romans whereas these structures still stand today. Still to this day marble is used in high end architecture and designer finishes. Marble is made from the purest of lime stones and revered for its soft cream tones and signatures streaks and veins caused by other minerals. Marble stone sinks come in a variety of colors and each one will last a lifetime with proper care.
Onyx is a stone that comes in great versatility coming in mostly earth tone shades such as smooth tones of honey, soft earthy browns and foliage-like green shades, each onyx stone sink is beautiful in it’s own right. Onyx has a smooth, somewhat porous surface, but when polished as all of are sinks the stone will be resistant to absorbing any liquid. Onyx is quickly becoming more popular in many applications in the home, including Kitchen sinks, flooring, wall tiling as well as bathroom sinks. Each onyx stone sink is beautifully unique and will surely last a lifetime with proper care.
Travertine is a sedimentary rock, formed in many different climates around the world. Popular as a building material, travertine is known for its strength and longevity. Travertine is heavy in calcium carbonate and comes in various earth tone browns to a softer cream color. Travertine is unique and beautiful natural materials that will make your bathroom sink a treasured fixture in any bathroom. Each travertine sink will last a lifetime with proper care.

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Modern Bathroom and Kitchen Design Solutions

For home owners a well-designed space is more than just a matter of home value, it is one of enriching your life with clean modern spaces for your family and friends to enjoy. Aesthetically pleasing design starts with a vision you wish to create in that room. Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, having a good idea of your design goals are important in order to truly appreciate their fruition. With our busy lifestyles however this can be a daunting thought of a bathroom or kitchen upgrade, however there are many companies ready to assist you with your design ideas to make them a reality with minimal effort on your part making the process much more enjoyable. Contemporary bathroom and kitchen design offers us a unique opportunity to live in a space that is exceptionally beautiful, clean and elegant.

Getting started can be very exciting, exploring hundreds of Bathroom Sink styles, Bathroom Vanities, Kitchen Sinks and Bathroom Faucets online is a great place to start. The benefit of online retailers is they don’t have the overhead of an enormous retail space, so those savings get passed onto you the consumer. These modern fixtures are a brilliant model of the standards of a modern home, for when we look at the design of the home we will see this as it takes shape during the upgrading process, the end result will be one of awe inspiring elegance.

When considering a bathroom remodel, it is important that you envision what the vanities and sinks you see online will look like in your own home to ensure you choose the right vanity, sink and faucet for your bathroom or kitchen sink and faucet for your kitchen makeover.

Apart from these bathroom and kitchen fixtures, there are many bathroom accessories that create a way to add style to your bathroom. A stainless steel towel bar, stone or bamboo soap dish, a stylish mirror, lighting and shelves for storage should all be considered how they will look together to make sure they enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

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Online bathroom retail company reaches over 85 stone sink styles!

Mega online kitchen and bathroom retailer is now proud to offer their customers a gigantic line of natural stone bathroom sinks in an array of styles, sizes, and materials.

While offers all sorts of products for almost any home project, one of their most popular items, the stone bathroom sink, is now available in more styles than ever. Offering over 85 different stone sinks, offers a large selection of stone types such as travertine, marble, granite, onyx, and many many others in all sorts of styles, shapes and sizes. Each of their stone sinks are hand crafted from solid natural stone ensuring each piece its vary own personality and individuality.

The wonderful thing about using a natural stone sink is the everlasting lifespan, these stone sinks are sure to last a lifetime and be a beautiful addition to any home for decades to come. Maintaining a stone sink is a lot simpler than most people may think, as long as the correct sealer is places on the stone sink then cleaning is a breeze. has always offered the best quality at a budget friendly price for their customers, and their huge line of beautiful stone bathroom sinks are no exception.

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Modern Bathroom Vanity Trends in Bathroom Design

It is close to that time of year when people are sprucing up the home for the spring ahead. One of the hottest trends right now at is remodeling your bathroom, that may sound like a lot of work but it is much simpler than one would imagine. Chances are your flooring and walls are in good shape, if they are, you are already 80% done! The majority of what people like to see updated are the easiest to update. With a new bathroom vanity set and accompanying fixtures from, your bathroom will sparkle like new.

Bathroom vanities come in many different styles, deals primarily in modern style which includes small vanities, double vanities and single vanities and from there, there are several models and finishes to choose from such as wenge finish, natural and cherry finish. Each vanity model typical goes exceptionally well with a select choice of sinks, which is where bathroom vanity sets come in.

“So what is included in a bathroom vanity set?” is asked frequently. A set normally includes a stylish vanity paired with a matching vessel sink. Alternatively, you can select a vanity without a sink and simply choose your own sink. However, selecting a vanity set really takes the guesswork out of bathroom remodeling.

“Does it cost a lot to ship from an online store?” is another popular question. This is not true with shipping is free on all orders over one-hundred dollars unless it is freight.

“Is help available if I need it?” is also a very important question to ask. At the answer is yes, they have a product support team available to you in case you have any issue with assembly.

So now that we cleared up some of the most common issues, let us move on to what else you will need to makeover that bathroom. The second most important factor is the bathroom sink; they come in a variety of materials such as porcelain, metal, bamboo, glass and stone. The styles and sizes of these sinks vary vastly so it is important to take your time selecting the perfect bathroom sink to your liking.

Many popular upgrades also include the bathroom faucet, drain, sink riser as well as lighting, mirrors and shelves. These are also excellent items to consider how well they will match your vanity and sink selection and all found at

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Eco Bathroom Sinks and Bathroom Vanities now at

For the new year has unveiled a whole new line of eco friendly bathroom sinks and vanities. In decades past trees were predominantly used for all things wood and this included bathroom vanities made from tree wood. Now we have other choices and the most viable and renewable choice is bamboo.

In these times, being environmentally friendly is not only more economical but also more essential to our planet’s well being than ever before. Eco friendly bathroom vanities made from highly renewable bamboo resources, if used in more homes can help to end deforestation, preserving more forests for wild life to flourish.

When choosing a bathroom sink, many may go with glass sinks; stone or porcelain, there is a huge variety on the bathroom sinks market. However, bathroom vessel sinks are also now available in this same renewable bamboo. Unlike any of the other vessel sinks, the bamboo sinks are the only sinks that are renewable and lessen our demand on Earth’s resources. They are crafted in many styles and can be paired with a matching bamboo style faucet.

There are other things to consider when making your bathroom more environmentally friendly. You can update simple things like soap dishes to bamboo soap dishes, using lead-free bathroom faucets which are good for the environment and beneficial to your health and update mirrors to bamboo-framed mirrors. All of which are eco friendly options at

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Smart Bathroom Remodeling Trends

While remodeling your bathroom, it is important to keep in mind ways to improve the usage of your bathroom along with the overall look and feel that you want to achieve. These upgrades include dual vanities, water saving toilets, and smart storage.

Dual Vanities

View Vanities

Featuring a double vanity in your master bathroom is a great upgrade if the space is available. Having the two sinks allows two people to get ready simultaneously, great if you share similar schedules. On the other hand, if space in an issue in your bathroom; single vanities are also readily available in a multitude of styles to fit the look and feel of your new bathroom.

Smart Storage

View Shelving & Storage

Another smart bathroom-remodeling trend is to add storage to your bathroom. You can find storage in vanities and linen closets, but you can also create additional storage by adding simple shelving, wall cabinets and floor cabinets as you would in any other room in your house. Matching your additional storage units to your color scheme will emphasize the styling of your bathroom and create a more consistent feel through out the room.

Brighten the Room

View Bath & Sconce Lighting

Sometimes overlooked, the lighting in your bathroom can add a whole new look to the entire room. While choosing a new lighting fixture to highlight in your bathroom, be sure to match the style of the new fixture with the style of your vanity and sink combination, you want to keep a consistent style. Newer lighting fixtures also feature new electronic technologies including low voltage wiring systems and energy saving bulbs.

Reflect Your Style

View Mirrors

Replacing that old solid borderless mirror is a bathroom upgrade that can add style and convenience to your bathroom. Adding a wood framed mirror that matches the stain of your vanity creates a more consistent look in your bathroom, also adding a mirror with shelving can create more storage for your bathroom in a convenient spot right in front of you.

Remodeling your bathroom does not have to just be about style. Adding the conveniences to your bathroom creates a better quality of life for you with just a few simple fixture upgrades.

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The Beauty of Bamboo One of the World’s Greatest Resources

Bamboo is one of the world’s greatest resources that everyone just recently started to truly utilize. With the popularity growth of bamboo, people are starting to see bamboo products being labeled “Green Products” but they don’t really know much about the material. Bamboo, in fact, is an extremely green resource for a multitude of reasons.

Throughout the ages hardwoods have been the main source of material for furniture, flooring, and housing. A single hardwood tree can take as long as 60 years to reach full maturity, but bamboo can grow up to 4 feet a day and reach maturity in as little as three years, so the bamboo tree can grow back much quicker than any hardwood tree making them a greater renewable resource. Also, a bamboo grove can also produce up to 35% more oxygen than an equal amount of hardwood trees reducing your carbon footprint and helping heal global warming. With the more oxygen being produced and the fact that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, it is a shame that this material is not being used more that it already is.

Most people associate bamboo with pandas and worry that the bamboo used for sinks, flooring and furniture is taking away a food source from the panda. This is a good association, but not one to worry about, as pandas mainly eat grass. Bamboo and bamboo furniture is made from a much stronger type of bamboo to make the items made last for a long time and not take food away from the panda. There are a total of about 1500 different species of bamboo found all over the globe and all can be used in different ways.

Going green isn’t just a trendy phase going on right now, it is a serious subject that everyone should take part in. Bamboo isn’t just a stylish alternative to hardwood furniture, its an Eco friendly, ozone helping, oxygen producing extremely renewable resource. So when looking for furniture, flooring, sinks, or any other house hold item, please consider a bamboo product.

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Elegance of Porcelain Sinks

Porcelain is mainly viewed as a very classic material for bathroom and kitchen sinks. While this is true, a porcelain sink can mean much more than a low cost sink for your bathroom project. Porcelain sinks have a huge history behind them; they are extremely durable and resistant to elements, and porcelain is available in all sorts of amazing shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to fit any need that you might have for them.

First being developed in China, porcelain sinks date all the way back to the 7th century. Porcelain is a type of ceramic that is a mixture of glass and clay fired at an extremely high temperature to give the material incredible strength and durability to ensure a long lasting product. Although, if your porcelain sink does chip or crack, the cost of a professional to fix you sink is much less expensive than if it was stone or glass.

The durability of porcelain is something that consumers have come to expect. With some materials you may worry about temperatures affecting the beauty of it, but with porcelain your mind can rest easy. And it is also impermeable to liquids and extremely stain resistant. Another wonderful addition to porcelain is its ease to clean, even with just soap and water.

While porcelain is viewed as a very classic material, with the right styling, it can put a modern twist to any home renovation while keeping that classic shine. Sinks are now available in all sorts of shapes and sizes like the traditional drop in bowl sink, or a triangular vessel sink, or even a rectangle with an overhang. Porcelain sinks are also available in an array of colors from traditional white, to black, or even red.

While looking into purchasing a new sink, keep in mind the ease of maintenance and the extreme durability that comes with porcelain sinks. Also don’t forget that with such a large selection of color and style choices, finding the one that fits your needs will be quite simple at

porcelain bathroom sinks

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The Importance of Home Lighting in Interior Design

When remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, choosing the right lighting fixtures to accent the room is a supremely important decision. The choice you make will set the tone for the style and be a key factor in determining the overall atmosphere of the room. The lighting décor you choose should gracefully compliment the rest of your kitchen or bathroom fixtures and exhibit the ideal characteristics that liken your taste. While shopping for your new lighting fixtures, keep in mind some of these important aspects and helpful suggestions.

A crucial thing to think about while deciding on your lighting décor is the mood and atmosphere that you would like to exhibit in your kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the design you select, lighting can show a bold and vivid style or serene and elegant style. It can give you and your guests the warm, delightful feeling of a cottage home or the plush, modern ambiance of an upscale penthouse. Knowing this, you should be very specific about the style lighting fixture and décor you choose to design your kitchen or bathroom.

In general, going with common accent lighting will give your kitchen or bathroom atmosphere one of a softer, more gentle feeling. On the other hand, ambient lighting generally brings a bolder, more lively feeling. Another type that one might choose would be contemporary chandelier lighting, which offers a bit more lavish touch. Be sure to consider the color and shape and the importance each has on the overall declaration of the room. Bright designs such as abstract art glass pendants will inspire a more striking, energetic aura, while sleek styles of a flush mount lighting fixture will create a lustrous, modern look.

When pursuing your desired style also make sure to consider the precise placement of your lighting fixture. One thing to keep in mind is that when you direct light into the mirror in a bathroom or kitchen the light gets reflected more directly, creating a vivid, but also more unnatural look. A great place for modern lighting fixtures is above or on the side of mirrors, which causes little reflection and offers more direct light. Another idea is to strategically place lighting above portraits or other key items that you might want to bring focus to in the room, as even the smallest touches can make beautiful, resounding statements.

The relationship between mirror depth and light intensity is also an extremely important, but not so commonly thought of, aspect to consider while choosing your fixtures. The amount of light and reflection should collaborate with one another to make a bond that will balance and harmonize the room. Too much light will create a straining glare for you and your guests, while not enough light will make the mood of your kitchen or bathroom dim and lifeless.

Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is always exciting and fruitful, but there is a lot to consider when it comes time to choose your perfect lighting fixtures. Color, shape, style, location, and intensity should all be finely tuned. Making your dream room come alive is an intensive, but highly rewarding accomplishment that will make a profound statement in your home for years to come.

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Bathroom Accessories - Add your own Flair

Replacing bathroom accessories can be one of the easiest ways to pull together the appearance of your bathroom and create a well-defined look. Bathroom accessories can help update your style with the wide variety of choices available. Towel bars, vanity storage shelves, Soap Dishes, glass wall shelving, toilet paper holders, floor rugs, soap holders, bathroom mirrors, robe hooks, toilet seats and towel rings are all accessories that can make a big difference in your bathroom and can offer a very sophisticated update.

How to choose your bathroom accessories

One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing bathroom accessories is the measurements of your bathroom. If a bathroom is very small then try and keep accessories to a minimum. If you are redecorating a larger bathroom, feel free to add more accessories if the size of the space can handle it. Many finishes are also available to help blend together the finish of your faucet and existing pieces.

Toilet Paper holders and wall towel bars are among the most popular bathroom accessories to use in the bathroom. Towel bars can be used to hang a decorative towel to bring color and detail. A variety of paper holders are also available depending on the styling and size of the bathroom. Styles range from wall hung to pedestal for larger bathroom spaces. Towel rings are also an elegant addition to guest bathrooms to hang smaller hand towels. Vanity shelves can be a great addition to a bathroom that needs some organization. These shelves can be used to store bathroom supplies and can be really helpful if there aren't many cabinets in the bathroom.

Accessory placement is also important to remember.

Towel rings work well right beside the sink in a guest bathroom. This accessory can also be a great focal point in a smaller bathroom and there are many decorative styles to choose from. Towel bars should be hung at about 48 inches above the floor, or 36 inches in a children's bathroom. It is important to make sure there is enough room for the towels to hang freely below the bar. Double towel bars can give the bathroom an elegant touch and add extra room for family bathrooms. Paper holders can be hung on the wall, or free standing depending on the style of the bathroom. For bathrooms with tile walls or cabinetry, you may want to look into a wall hanging standing paper holder to avoid unnecessary items cluttering the floor area.

Unique soap dishes can also be an important accent piece for your remodeled bathroom. Soap dishes traditionally have been porcelain and plain. Newer versions include teak and bamboo soap dishes in contemporary designs as well as stone natural soap dish designs. Using bar soap holding styles are also ECO friendly avoiding disposable pump dispensers that in additional to disposable water bottles are burdening our waste systems unnecessarily.

Having bathroom accessories can have a wonderful impact on the appearance of your bathroom. Choosing the right number of accessories and the accessories that fit the purpose of the bathroom is important to establish the look you desire. Having too many accessories can make a bathroom appear cluttered when their purpose is to do the opposite. The perfect accessories complement the bathroom and assist in the organization of the bathroom.

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Bathroom Shower Faucets

There are several things to think about when purchasing a new bathroom shower faucet for your home. For instance, a relatively straightforward choice between one-handle and two-handle shower designs, or more complex decisions like whether you want a regular valve, thermostatic valve, or pressure-balanced valve faucet. These decisions will be important in determining which shower faucet will have the honor of making it home. This year’s NKBA Kitchen and Bath Industry Show had some great modern shower styles ranging in price from $450 to $2950. Many in the showcased shower fixture arena made use of cascading water rain fall shower heads, glass waterfall shower heads, wall mount and ceiling mount rain fall systems, and a variety of wall jet systems.

What’s the difference between one-handle and two-handle designs?

The most popular design for bathroom shower faucets tends to be the one-handle design. The main benefit of this design is the simplicity, as users need only a single handle to adjust the volume and temperature quickly to a comfortable level. This is an excellent option for any bathroom, but especially that of an elderly person or child, as it is easiest to use.

If going for a more traditional style in your bathroom, try the two-handle shower design. This option gives the bathroom a distinct elegance and is generally more common among typical shower fixtures.

What should I choose, a regular shower valve or a thermostatic shower valve?

The most affordable choice for a shower valve is the regular valve; they are also the most common. The main downfall to the regular shower valve, however, is that they don’t regulate the temperature or pressure of the water. This means that if someone flushes an adjacent toilet your shower could receive an unwanted burst of cold water. To avoid this situation there are pressure balanced valves, that most states now require, which prevent instant changes in water from hot to cold or cold to hot.

Thermostatic valves measure and regulate the temperature of your shower water, keeping it constant once you are fixed on a setting. They also allow you to change the volume and the temperature separately for a versatile shower. Shower valves can also be customized to meet your personal needs as well with additional benefits such as a handheld shower or body sprays.

When deciding which type of shower faucet will work well for your home, keep in mind the styling of your current bathroom. If you already have a two handle faucet it will be cost effective to replace it with another two handle faucet. If you are redecorating and want a faucet with the simplest use, consider purchasing the one handle faucet. Also, remember to look into regular, pressure balanced, and thermostatic valves that work best in your bathroom.

Do all glass sinks have the same size hole in the bottom ? Is it US standard size

Yes. All drain holes are all standard US size.

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The Modern Look of Steel Bathoom Faucets

When redecorating your kitchen or bathroom the one upgrade that you should consider making first is your faucet. Faucets are one of the most helpful tools in assisting all of your kitchen projects and can make an eye-catching centerpiece to complement your kitchen or bathroom decor. When deciding the faucet that is right for your project consider the latest and greatest in modern faucet design – the solid stainless steel faucet. A favorite among culinary kitchen faucet lovers, tall pot filler style faucets are the latest and greatest available in the marketplace.

Stainless Steel Kitchen faucets are one of the most durable and versatile bathroom products in today’s market. There are many stylish options available to help personalize your kitchen. Available in both polished and brushed metal finishes, solid stainless steel is the best material choice for your project if durability and longevity are what are after.

Stainless Steel Material Production

Durable and timeless, stainless steel sinks are popular for their clean, modern look as well as their resilience.

From contemporary to classic, stainless steel works well with any type of décor and complements almost any countertop or work surface. It’s also the ideal choice for coordinating with professional style appliances.

Stainless steel not only looks sleek and professional, but it wears well too. It’s hygienic and easy to maintain. More durable than porcelain or cast iron, stainless steel is highly resistant to heat, most household stains, and rust. Because stainless steel is a forgiving material, it’s easy on dropped dishes and glassware.

Stainless steel sinks are easy to care for. Water spots and mineral deposits can be prevented by rinsing thoroughly after each use and wiping dry with a clean, soft cloth. Non-abrasive cleaners are ideal for regular maintenance.

Stainless steel sinks will show day-to-day wear, including minor scratches. Over time this wear will become uniform with the sink’s grain, creating its own unique character, much like the patina on fine silver.

Durable and timeless, stainless steel sinks are popular for their clean, modern look as well as their resilience.

From contemporary to classic, stainless steel works well with any type of décor and complements almost any countertop or work surface. It’s also the ideal choice for coordinating with professional style appliances.

Stainless steel not only looks sleek and professional, but it wears well too. It’s hygienic and easy to maintain. More durable than porcelain or cast iron, stainless steel is highly resistant to heat, most household stains, and rust. Because stainless steel is a forgiving material, it’s easy on dropped dishes and glassware.

Stainless steel sinks are easy to care for. Water spots and mineral deposits can be prevented by rinsing thoroughly after each use and wiping dry with a clean, soft cloth. Non-abrasive cleaners are ideal for regular maintenance.

Stainless steel sinks will show day-to-day wear, including minor scratches. Over time this wear will become uniform with the sink’s grain, creating its own unique character, much like the patina on fine silver.

Faucets that are plated finish are a different production technique, plated finishes are less expensive but stainless steel faucets are molded of solid material – expensive labor & material make stainless faucets more expensive to produce. The labor and material costs are considerably more expensive in the stainless steel production process.

Features of stainless steel and what makes it superior to other metals:

  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • High quality finish – no plating in the process
  • Highly resistant to heat, most household stains, and rust
  • Pot Filler styles feature extensible outlet
  • Spout and head free to turn 360°
  • Unlimited faucet placement locations
  • Lever on the left, right or front allowing full freedom also to left-handed users
  • Stainless steel surface is available Polished or Matt brushed finishes
  • High grade ceramic disks cartridge
  • Hygenic and easy to maintain

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tips for Replacing Your Bathroom Vanity

nstalling a new bathroom vanity and sink is a project that will make most people cringe, but with just a little knowledge and enthusiasm it can be performed by anyone. If you are renovating your bathroom and have decided that replacing your bathroom vanity is something that you are going to do, you should consider these tips and tricks. The vanity is the centerpiece of your bathroom, so you will want to begin by choosing one that is the size, color, and texture that best compliments your decor.

When looking for a bathroom vanity you will have a large variety of sizes and styles that you can choose from. Start sorting through the choices by acknowledging the type of theme and furnishings that you would like to have in your bathroom. Decide on the layout, color scheme, decor, and any accessories you want to include. Write notes down and keep record of your ideas, as they can turn out to be quite helpful.

Having trouble thinking of a theme to coincide with the rest of your home's decor? Don't worry. Nowadays, it's common practice to decorate each room with a different theme. If you have a southern, country style living room but would like a sleeker, contemporary decor for your bathroom, you should decorate your bathroom the way you want! Many homeowners are finding that by decorating each room in a different theme they really get to express all of the wonderful styles that they want to represent the home. If you need ideas, try browsing through magazines or home-decorating books to find some styles that fit you.

The next step is to create a budget list and begin pricing furnishings. You can replace your bathroom vanity and stay within your target budget more easily if you keep track of your goals and budget with a list. By planning out your strategy and utilizing these tips, you can ensure that you have covered every step to assuring the bathroom of your dreams.

After you have chosen and purchased your new vanity it is time to begin installation. Below are some of the basic steps that I follow. If you are not comfortable with the plumbing part of the installation, make sure to contact a licensed and trusted plumber.

Step 1. Turn off the hot and cold water supply lines connected to your old vanity sink and disconnect the water supply lines.

Step 2. Remove the sink trap. You will want to put a pail or small bucket underneath it to catch any dripping water.

Step 3. Detach the sink top from the vanity, usually held in place by some type of caulk. You may use a utility knife to cut along the caulk line to aid in the sink top removal, but be careful not to damage the wall.

Step 4. Unscrew the screws that are holding the old vanity to the wall and remove vanity from room.

Step 5. Measure the location of the drain pipes and water supply lines and find the locations of the wall studs. Use these measurements to mark on the back of your new vanity.

Step 6. Cut a hole where the drain pipes and water supply lines will be located.

Step 7. Move your new vanity into position using the measurements you recorded and screw it into the wall.

Step 8. Grab your new sink and install your faucets, drain pipes, and any other plumbing accessories to the sink following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 9. Install the new sink onto the top of the new vanity.

Step 10. Reconnect the drain pipes, sink trap, and water supply lines.

Step 11. Turn your water supply lines back on and check for leaks. Tighten the fittings if you see any leaks.

Step 12. Enjoy your new bathroom vanity!

Best of luck,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bathroom Vanity and Sink Seller Opens New Online Store, seller of modern styled bathroom vessel sinks and vanities has announced that their new highly anticipated online store is now live. With multi-currency and multi-language support the new is more accessible than ever before to international bathroom fixture shoppers.

The new store is also giving away free shipping for most U.S. states and with special discounts store wide in celebration of their new store opening. We found a granite stone bathroom sink that normally sells for 800 dollars now on sale for just 200 dollars. There are also fantastic deals to be had on bathroom vanities; some that normally sell for over 1300 dollars are now on sale for only 350 dollars!

“Our success is due to us offering our customers the best quality products at the best prices around. We continue to follow this path that helps us grow and helps save our customers money,” said Jennifer a ModernDanish representative.

ModernDanish also sells bathroom accessories, mirrors, kitchen farm sinks, faucets, drains, leather furniture, pendant lighting, tiles, garden fountains, toilets and bidets. Their selection of bathroom and kitchen fixtures is phenomenal with over 1,000 products and growing.

“Many of our products can be customized into many different materials, just give us a call and let us know what you are looking for and we can custom build the dream sink or vanity for you, your imagination is the only limit at,” Jennifer added.

We visited their bathroom showroom located in Atlanta, Georgia where they had a beautiful selection of interior decorator picked sinks matching vanities with faucets, all perfectly coordinated for the customer to, if they so wished, take the entire set home with them taking any guess work out of making a smooth, seamless bathroom upgrade.

“We have been coming here for years,” one shopper told us, “anytime we would like to change out a waterfall faucet disk, they always have a new selection ready for us when we return. When we want to update lighting fixtures, they have what’s new on the market for us at really good prices.”

You can visit ModernDanish online at
or visit their Metro Atlanta based Showroom at 2197 Canton Road Suite #201, Canton Road Distribution Center Marietta, Georgia 30066. You can reach ModernDanish at 1-866-655-9010.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bathroom Sinks Taking On New Creative Designs

blue glass bathroom vessel sinkLight seems to simply dazzle off of this glass sink with a matching waterfall faucet from, contemporary bathroom & kitchen retailer based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

The style is one of smooth lines, glossy glow and a stylish flare that is candy for the eyes.

"More of our customer's demand is for modern artistic designs for bathroom sinks, people want a sink they will always enjoy using, while outdated standard sinks serves their daily purpose, people are getting bored with the usual and want something clean, modern and extraordinary," says Jennifer head of consumer relations at

There is little doubt about the wide spread popularity of vessel sinks which began it's road to everyday modern home only a few years back and since then has been a daily attention grabbing design on HGTV home design shows.

"These sinks are like nothing I've seen before, very modern!," said Sandra Collins a visitor to's showroom on a Friday afternoon.

"We match designs carefully and offer our customers the ability to buy parts individually so they can even build their own custom combination to fit their design needs. We have a very high rate of repeat customers, soon they will come back and realize we also sell lighting, furniture, vanities, bathtubs and much more to makeover their entire home," Jennifer said.

These contemporary home designs are truly unique and have had a steady growth in popularity for several years, it is now the standard of modern design to have a vessel sink in the home and one of the best places to find them is at

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Modern Bathroom Increases Your Home’s Appeal for New Generation of Home Buyers

home sold sign
marble stone bathroom vessel sink
Updating your existing bathroom with a modern bathroom vanity and sink is a quick and inexpensive way to add value to your home. Whether you are planning to sell your home or give it an upgrade; Estate agents acknowledge that this will make your home have more value and be more appealing to a new wave of younger first time homebuyers. Who are willing to spend extra in order to have a more modern home designed with a contemporary vessel sink installed on a contemporary vanity or pedestal.

To get the most value of your investment, it’s recommended you go with stone. Why the sudden popularity of stone among new home buyers? The natural handcrafted beauty of stone vessel sinks and stone pedestals add a unique and interesting flare to your bathroom that buyers will adore. It is estimated that the new generation of home buyers find the beauty of nature more appealing as being integrated into their home in the form of modern bathroom fixtures.

A hot style right now is the waterfall faucet. One may wonder what this is, well imagine a waterfall flowing gracefully from your faucet over your hands… intriguing, inspiring, refreshing, many words can describe this fantastic invention but by experiencing it you’ll wonder why you ever used standard faucets!

Also becoming very popular amongst the new generation of home buyers is stainless steel and modern hardwood vanities which style perfectly with porcelain, stainless steel or glass vessel sinks. A vessel sink is a bowl shaped sink that sits on top of the vanity, they come in an array of designs and styles and can easily be switched out whenever you like to update your bathroom. This is very convenient, inexpensive and surprising very easy! With a vessel sink upgrade your home buyer will know he or she will not be stuck with a sink they don’t favor. They can quickly switch it out with a new one in as little as 20 minutes!

Something you may wish to consider is Fung Shui, which is the art of balancing your senses to bring about happiness in order to achieve goals. Fung Shui is evermore popular in the United States and modern homebuyers are well aware of Fung Shui. They wish to see elements of nature being incorporated into the bathroom, these are water, metal, glass and stone. Metal and glass is meant to bring about mental clarity and serenity as stone brings about a sense of peacefulness and stability. Making your bathroom Fung Shui with modern bathroom vanities and sinks is an excellent way to bring about serenity and well-being to your home.

Written by CJ Lang on behalf of an online retailer of modern bathroom vanities, sinks and bath related products serving the United States.

CJ Lang is a marketing analyst with over 10 years of experience in product research based on popular trends in e-commerce and real estate.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tips Guide For A Modern Bathroom Sink To Love

Sinks come in a variety of styles and made from many types of materials, the choices for a modern bathroom can be overwhelming! Here we break down the best options for choosing a new bathroom vessel sink.

cobble stone bathroom vessel sinkStone bathroom sinks… a concept of the natural strength and beauty of nature colliding with the functionality of a bathroom sink. From the soft tones of crema marfil marble stone sinks to the bold black granite stone sinks, there is something for everyone’s design palette. A stone vessel sink is a smart addition to your bathroom that may not only raise your home’s value, but also become a focal point for your newly designed dream bathroom. Solid and reliable bathroom sinks that you can be pleased with for a lifetime. That is the quality assurance you will receive with our stone sinks which are skillfully handcrafted from solid natural stone.

porcelain ceramic bathroom vessel sinkPorcelain bathroom sinks… perfection and excellence in the beauty of porcelain has been admired for centuries for its glossy clean look is a strong statement of taste in any contemporary bathroom. These modern porcelain bathroom vessel sinks are crafted to our high standards of excellence to make any bathroom makeover complete.

stainless steel metal bathroom vessel sinkMetal bathroom sinks… in your home metal has been thought to create a sense of mental clarity and strength. The cool metallic tones of metal can create a clean and uplifting contemporary feel in any modern bathroom makeover. From our handcrafted copper sinks to our ultra modern stainless steel vessel sinks these sinks will create a dazzling focal point to inspire the senses.

blue modern glass bathroom vessel sinkGlass bathroom sinks… Creative, bold, unique, elegant and modern, just a few words that describe the innovative designs of Glass Vessel sinks. What will these works of artistic functionality add to your bath? From a simple statement of fine taste, to an expression of your inner artistic flare. The decision is yours; from artsy, Galaxy red glass vessel sinks to a sophisticated frosted flared butterfly vessel sink that will awe inspire the imagination.

Today there are many choices for you to divulge into and bring to life an oasis of your dreams!

These sinks are available at

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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Natural Choice in Stone Bathroom Sinks

Stone Zen Bathroom Vessel Sink
Stone bathroom sinks, a concept of the natural strength and beauty of nature colliding with the functionality of a bathroom sink. From the soft tones of crema marfil marble stone sinks to the bold black granite stone sinks, there is something for everyone's design palette. A stone vessel sink is a smart addition to your bathroom that may not only raise your home's value, but also become a focal point for your newly designed dream bathroom. Solid and reliable bathroom sinks that you can be pleased with for a lifetime. That is the quality assurance you will receive with our stone sinks which are skillfully handcrafted from solid natural stone. Featured here is a Serene Zen Beige Travertine from for $369.95.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Where to Start

red glass modern bathroom vessel sink
When choosing a new house to move into, frequently, the most frequently used rooms in the house being the bathroom and kitchen do serve an important role in deciding on the home you wish to live in.
If you are looking for help with the design of your modern bathroom, you will find many ideas on our website. We have many already finished customer bathrooms in our Exhibit Gallery.
Your home and lifestyle: Have you considered that the look of your bathroom can often lead one to get an idea of your lifestyle? Ever find time to relax and simply enjoy your bathroom? A shower can be a time saver when compaired to time it takes for a bath. What type of bathtub do you own? Does your bathroom meet up to your demands for daily life?
We have many examples of different contemporary styles throughout our website for you to find a style that meets functionality.
Whether you are looking to update an existing bathroom or completely re-think your bathroom, you will see that bathroom housewares have improved considerably over the years with many more styles, designs, colors, materials choices and a wide array of fixtures available. Your existing bathroom, sink and toilet may function perfectly well, but replacing them with a new set can add a unique and personal makeover that may be just what you wanted all along. Our toilets are watersaving systems that not only look great but will help reduce water usage and save on bills!
Relax and enjoy your new oasis!
Consider relaxing music with the glow of soft candle light with your favorite wine, allow the troubles of the day to drift away as you endulge in a new luxourous bathroom by